Twitch Characters: The_Law

Streaming platform Twitch is maturing, larger audiences, more categories, more streamers. While non-pro gamers take a crack at streaming for either fun or profit, they ultimately need viewers. Creators are finding new and novel ways to attract an audience and build their following.

Enter the characters. Like television wrestlers before them, creators are now bringing more than their natural personalities and gaming skill to streaming they are building characters.

Twitch CHARACTER: The_Law

Stephen aka: @HammyTheLaw aka: “The_Law”

Capitalizing on the pseudo world building already done by Twitch’s most famous character: Dr Disrespect, The Law has doubled down on the “badass from the 80’s” style.

The Law is an American gamer living in Canada who seems to have settled into this crime-crushing persona on twitch in December 2016. That means he’s been building his currently 11,258 followers in just this last year, the same year Dr Disrespect has now secured the Trending Gamer award.

While I’m sure Hammy would hate it… his strategy to gain notoriety seems built on the Doctor’s success and attempting to position himself as the Doc’s primary adversary.

“You may not know this because you’re relatively new to the channel.

But Dr Disrespect…the inventor of violence, speed and momentum… is actually public enemy number one of the precinct. Therefor spouting lines… from the doctor… is a one way ticket… to the interrogation room!

Better watch your ass!

Keep your nose clean… because I am the goddamn law.” – The Law


Community Building The Precinct

World building on your Twitch channel takes clever use of the tools you have. The Law wears a “uniform” or some might say…costume, liberally drops Judge Dredd style quotes, and has built hilarious overlays. The precinct front desk, the interrogation room, the giant hallway of desks he dances in.

Maybe not Hollywood quality, it doesn’t need to be! There is charm and character to everything The Law has built, and it helps keep his fans on board. Even his emotes help his community jump in on the battle between Dr Disrespect.The_Law vs Dr Disrespect Twitch emote

As the above clip and the eager emoting from the chatroom shows, talking about the Doc in any kind of positive light can land you in… the interrogation room:

Twitch Character: The_Law interrogation room

So if you’re busy lurking on Twitch… keep your nose clean.

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