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Streamer Proves PUBG Three Wheel Bus Vehicle Bug

PUBG Bus tire bug. Blow out the front tire and it drives faster!

If you haven’t heard in your own games, there’s been murmurs that when playing the PUBG Test Server if you shoot out the driver’s side tire of the bus vehicle, it actually drives faster.

The new “party bus” accelerates extremely slow and doesn’t have great top speed much like the old VW bus it’s modeled after.

Rumors in games are if you shoot out the FRONT, DRIVERS SIDE tire of the PUBG bus, it actually increases the acceleration and max speed!

Twitch streamer Fluck reluctant at first to try it runs into another bus on the road when his duo’s buddy says… let’s have a race!

The first race is two PUBG test server bus’s, one with the front driver’s side tire blown out… and it accelerates faster! They follow that up, by shooting out a rear tire, which immediately they realize is slow. Then happening upon a THIRD bus, Fluck shoots out the passenger front tire and races that against the one missing it’s driver’s side… and seems to get the absolute best acceleration boost!

PUBG MYTH CONFIRMED: Shoot out the bus passenger side front tire for maximum speed!

The clip below shows the second race. Front drivers side wheel out vs. front drivers side wheel out. You can see the original van in the background at the beginning of the race. The difference in speed and acceleration is pretty clear. Who knows how long it will be until the Bluehole team at PUBG fixes this, it’s not like they have any other bugs or issues to deal with…

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