Lester Gaming Trolls UFC on Twitch

UFC218 Twitch Troll aj lester aka. Lester Gaming

Live sports are becoming one of the few major draws cable companies, and Pay Per View has left in a world of streaming services. With high profile, big dollar fights like “Mayweather vs McGregor” earlier this year, the UFC and Pay Per View have become voracious in hunting and killing illegal streams.

Working with Facebook and Youtube auto shut-downs of illegal streams are swift, illegal stream sites are hounded and Kodi box users are experiencing extra hurdles.

Basically, the organizations behind live sports and legal broadcast are making it more of a pain in the ass for you to stream their content free and easy.

Now Notorious AJ Lester To The Rescue

Turns out AJ Lester or “Lester_Gaming” on found a hilarious and bold workaround…

@alester2010 twitch streaming UFC 218


Setting up his twitch stream as though he was playing “UFC3” which he hilariously gives props for having great graphics, while live streaming UFC218. There’s been no word yet on his stream being shut down, or any real repercussions.

Hero or Villian He Loves The Fame

Watching Lester Gaming stream live it’s all his followers can talk about and he seems genuinely surprised at the amount of attention he’s received over this.AJ Lester

At first, claiming he didn’t want to talk too much about it in case Twitch staff were on and out to get him.

Later when asked “When’s the next UFC gameplay” he replied saying he might be up to stream UFC219.

According to AJ has gained 852 followers and is up 10,831 views from last week.

What Now?

There’s no way the powers that be will let this slide, and it’s easy to imagine twitch staff cracking down on future sporting events that people “play” with incredible graphics.

Bold move Lester Gaming!  Let us know what happens.


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