Dr DisRespect Wins Trending Gamer Award 2017

Dr Disrespect Wins Trending Gamer Award 2017

The fourth ever “The Game Awards” 2017 took place in Los Angeles on December 7th.

The core of this awards show is the video games themselves. Obviously, the people behind the insane games that have been coming out are doing incredible work, INCLUDING The Legend of Zelda Breath of the WIld earning game of the year. The awards also include several fans choice categories including something for the streamers.

Something closer to our heart, as proud supporters of the Two Times… the founder of the Slick Daddy Club took a helicopter ride.


Beating out:

  • Andrea Rene (What’s Good Games)
  • Clint Lexa (“Halfcoordinated”)
  • Mike Grzesiek (“Shroud”)
  • Steven Spohn (AbleGamers)

The Doc went up in style with his shades, mullet and a snazzy bow tie while keeping it classy on stage and thanking the nominees and “Nurse Disrespect”.


“…Hey it feels good. First off thank you for having me Jeff, the Game Awards. Congratulations to the other nominees that were involved, you all should be proud of yourselves. Thank you Nurse Disrespect who’s sitting in the crowd. Y’know…I really have to just… I have to say thank you to everyone who fills up the arena on a daily basis, the slick daddy club! WHooo! Baby Baby Baby!

The passion, the enthusiasm, the violent speed and momentum you bring on a daily basis I love it. And trust me, nothing is taken for granted and we’re just getting started… 2018 watch out!”

-Dr Disrespect


As the Doc points out, it’s the people in the arena on a daily basis that make these things possible. Within the incredible gaming niche content creators, skilled players, entertainers and maybe most importantly: community builders are earning increasing recognition.

The Doc brings something unique, consistent and fun to his 1.3 million fans every day. You earned it Doc!

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