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    Streamer Proves PUBG Three Wheel Bus Vehicle Bug

    PUBG Bus tire bug. Blow out the front tire and it drives faster!

    If you haven’t heard in your own games, there’s been murmurs that when playing the PUBG Test Server if you shoot out the driver’s side tire of the bus vehicle, it actually drives faster. The new “party bus” accelerates extremely slow and doesn’t have great top speed much like the old VW bus it’s modeled […] More

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    Twitch Characters: The_Law

    Streaming platform Twitch is maturing, larger audiences, more categories, more streamers. While non-pro gamers take a crack at streaming for either fun or profit, they ultimately need viewers. Creators are finding new and novel ways to attract an audience and build their following. Enter the characters. Like television wrestlers before them, creators are now bringing […] More

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    Dr DisRespect Wins Trending Gamer Award 2017

    Dr Disrespect Wins Trending Gamer Award 2017

    The fourth ever “The Game Awards” 2017 took place in Los Angeles on December 7th. The core of this awards show is the video games themselves. Obviously, the people behind the insane games that have been coming out are doing incredible work, INCLUDING The Legend of Zelda Breath of the WIld earning game of the […] More

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    Lester Gaming Trolls UFC on Twitch

    UFC218 Twitch Troll aj lester aka. Lester Gaming

    Live sports are becoming one of the few major draws cable companies, and Pay Per View has left in a world of streaming services. With high profile, big dollar fights like “Mayweather vs McGregor” earlier this year, the UFC and Pay Per View have become voracious in hunting and killing illegal streams. Working with Facebook […] More